cross training

AHHH I love a good cross training day on 2 wheels instead of 2 feet. It’s totally empowering to complete a large number of miles even if they’re completely different from running. I want to talk about the importance of cross training today because not only is it super good for you, but it keeps things fun, which is muy importante to keeping me going.

To start off, cross training for running can include any aerobic activity that supplements your primary task. I’m marathon training at the moment so I throw in a long ride to give my legs, joints and feet a break from the near daily pounding, build endurance and gain strength in muscles I’m not using while running. The triple threat! This will improve overall strength and mobility. You could also do strength training, but I categorize that a little differently in my head with stretching. A post for another day. But I just love being on my bike. I always feel like cyclists are another breed of human. I am not one, but I like to pretend to be on my awesome little cross-over bike. As a runner there’s not much communication linkage with cyclists. “…coming up on your left.. whoosh!” So being able to do the left hand lift is an added perk as I am naturally a highly social creature.

Today was a gorgeous day, sunny and 60s. Warm on my shoulders and back. Felt like a big hug after one particularly grueling workout (aka the woofer-2 posts back). I would definitely start incorporating some biking or some other form of cross training to give your running regime a broost (break and boost). It is worth it in so many ways. And always remember to get a good stretch sesh in after. I always feel particularly wobbly after biking since these are muscles I don’t normally use. But it feels so sooo good to stretch out my butt, hips, quads, hammies and calves after. Don’t neglect it!

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