I think introductions are in order..

I’ve written a few posts now and find myself often trailing off topic because I feel some introductions have been neglected. So hi! My name’s Ash. Married to a Jon. The hubs and I have one little one-year-old girl, Emery, who I absolutely love bringing along with me on my runs. She’s the best little cheerleader, singing and shouting “hi!” to every passerby. As a new runner mama I have gained an incredible new perspective and love for what the human body can do. I got my undergrad in Exercise Science so I already had a great appreciation for it, but being pregnant and enduring labor, delivery and recovery has really ingrained in me how miraculous our bodies are. When I ran during that time, I did only what felt good. And it was good because I was doing something good for my body. Not because I hit a certain pace or ran a certain distance. There is no room for shaming ourselves, friends! Love the body you’ve got at every age, stage and phase. It’s all good!

With this blog I would love to be able to reach out to many! I’m hoping to be able to help beginners avoid some painful pitfalls, mental and physical, I’ve endured. Years went by where running always hurt! And I’m here to say it doesn’t have to. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time figuring out what works for me to strengthen my body so that it can be enjoyable. And I know you can too! I hope you find some tips here, but remember ultimately you do what works for you. So test things out and give it time. Listen to your body and you will figure it out.

I’d also love to connect with other runner mamas. Those looking to design a training schedule for their first marathon or a “let’s try that again” marathon. Definitely had a couple of those… Those who love the idea of running a marathon, but believe they could never do something so crazy, I am here to tell you, you most definitely can. A friend of mine told me the other day his double amputee son-in-law just completed a half ironman triathlon. No excuses people!

You guys. I love being a runner. It’s not who I am, but it’s definitely a big part of me. For the last 20 years it’s been my safe place I’ve fallen back to time and time again. The marathon is my favorite race. I remember intimately every phase of each one. The pre-race bathroom lines, the high hiiiigh anxiety starting trots by the bonfires at big races just to get to the starting line. The first 8 miles (did I go out too fast?).. The middle (meat) of the race.. The last 6-8 or so where your medal is really tested.. Crossing that finish line, pure jubilation at completion of such a monumentous task. I am literally getting chills reliving some of those moments! The man who begins a marathon is not the same man who finishes it and I can thoroughly attest to that. Except for the part where I’m not a man. Nonetheless, I am changed. Every time. Growing as a runner and a person. I want you to love it too! I want people to know they can do it, avoid injury and accomplish their goals. So come along with me on this little journey as I’m learning a new thing here too. (Writing, blogging..) We’ll do this together 😉 It’ll only be one little foot in front of the next so no worries. And put a smile on too, it helps, it really helps.

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