a thought on recovery

Hills. Hilly hilly hills. That’s a hill 👆 and that was today. And you thought this post was going to be about recovery.. Ha! Well it is, sort of, just gimme a sec. So I did the same workout today as I did last Thursday, and today’s felt significantly more difficult. It is probably a combination of hydration inadequacy and lack of recovery time. I head out the door early in the AM and it’s so hard to know the right amount of water to drink before hand. Last week before this same workout, in an emergency, had to ‘pop-a-squat’ just off the trail! So this time I went with considerably less water intake and didn’t have to go, but was all paste at the end. Luckily I had water with me and made a quick pit-stop before my cool-down cuz PHEW mouth full of paste. Pasty lips. Paste for days! So sick..

Hills are awesome though, lemme just say. It’s so much better to break up your workouts so you’re not doing the same things day after day. The risk of overuse injury can be lowered by being strengthened in a more balanced way. Running is hard. Like really hard-on your body and a specific set of muscles. So those muscles get super strong and will pull disproportionately on the others. That spells injury. So mixing in a lot of variable workouts, cross training, lots of stretching and strength training, hydration, rest, massage or foam roll, and a balanced healthy diet to aid recovery and you should be an oiled machine.

I’ve also just begun some new supplements I want to see will help with improved recovery. I’m a little concerned I’m crossing into over-training territory. No injuries as of yet, but I’m noticing how much more drained I felt today, it’s only a matter of time. I have been careful to only add 10% weekly mileage and taper every 4 weeks or so, but it’s also important to watch intensity build. So I’ve been building my mileage slowly, but also building my intensity right along with it. It’s a bit much. In an effort to try and be careful I’m going to try the supplements and if I continue to feel this way, I may scale back a bit. I’ve got an awesome whole-food plant based protein drink I take after my hard workouts and now I’m going to start mixing in some glutamine and an awesome B-comlpex (which I should have already been taking :P). Anyways, we’ll see how that helps things! I’ll keep ya posted. In the meantime, keep putting one foot in front of the other my friends, remember to rest and do whats necessary for recovery and smile too! 🙂

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