minnow amongst the Sharks

Bike day! Awoken early, my inner insomniac rears it’s ugly head. Unable to fall back asleep, I head out for my ride at 6am when to my surprise, I’m going out the door just as a neighbor “team” of cyclists is passing by. They were still meeting up.. circling slowly. I was an instantly intimidated minnow. Back up a minute.. I love my bike! It’s a great little Trek cross-over, but I am certainly no cyclist. It’s solely been used to get me form point A to point B, light exercise and of course, cross-training. Back to my story.. So these dudes-I know them pretty well. Super nice, but all decked out in their matching spandex and sexy road bikes.. asking me about where I’m riding.. it sends me into a mild panic. It seems like they’re sort of trying to invite me along with them.. not sure. But they know I’m a runner. One jokes about how biking is the superior sport and I’m over here like ‘if you really want your butt kicked, come on a run with me..’. I ask where they’re going, they respond noncommittally so I sort of awkwardly slink (or flounder ;)) away. They let me. They’re being nice, but obviously we’re not in the same league.

Problem is, there’s this super nice paved trail that goes for 50 miles (if I had to guess). I run on it all the time and of course bike on it. Most likely we’re going the same way. This is totally their thing. To me, it’s just a little something to keep me loose, work some different muscles, keep things fun and interesting, etc. I look behind me from a-ways down the road. One has a bright headlight so I know it’s them. I realize I’m going to know they’re on me the whole time… ugh.. unless they happen to go another way (which, surprise to me, they do). Not wanting to look, I push hard for 6 miles until I get to my mentally designated turnaround point. On my way back, however, is when I realize they are nowhere to be seen. This whole time I had been stressing about being passed for no reason! Ha.. I have a good chuckle to myself about how silly I had been, but it’s still an insecurity of mine. “Sharks” isn’t an appropriate label for them, but I was definitely a minnow. Clear from my silliness. Oh and the photo–seemed appropriate, aptly named Sharks Tooth Cove. It’s one of my fave spots in California, near a trail I used to LOVE running on. By far the best! Wilder Ranch.. ~contented memory sigh~

I will continue to ride at least once a week. It’s a nice feeling to ride paths I normally run on and see them fly by. Often they can become a drudgery-especially the last gradual hill back home. I sort of hate that hill, and it’s on the road, but the paved trail it leads to.. perfection! I use that mile “in and out” of my workout as my determined warm-up and cool-down. And as for cross training-I seriously suggest you try it! You’ll continue to build your aerobic capacity, while giving your body and mind a sort of break. It’s good. So keep on keeping on putting that foot in front of the other friends ✌️

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