speed work//visualizations

Woooh! K If y’all remember, back on my first post, I wrote about a speed workout I totally bonked. The “woofer”. Yasso 800’s. Not only that, but I had had a post pregnancy crisis that seems to be a non-issue now, so that is totally bomb too! Boom for strong pelvic floor muscles! I have really been working on those so it’s nice to see marked improvement there. I’m starting to actually feel strong, which is remarkable! So, today I did that same workout and freaking nailed it!!! Felt so good. I mean, it wasn’t at my actual marathon goal time, but it was a goal time I would be proud of hitting my marathon at, so I’m happy!

This was especially empowering because I had a particularly grueling long-run workout a couple days ago, so I am just so happy to see my body is starting to be able to handle more and more. A little explanation on today’s workout: Yasso 800’s are a track workout designed to help marathon trainees predict their marathon time. You run 10x800m at your race time in minutes and seconds instead of hours and minutes. So my plan today was 4:00 each. I did most at 3:55, which was my goal time last month and did 8 of them at that pace. Laps 8 and 9 I did at 4:00, which though a little slower, was still on goal. Then the last lap I did at 3:55 again. Loved finishing strong! I plan to do this workout 2, maybe 3, more times until race day to see if I make more improvements. Last time I could only complete 5 of 10 laps so this was much better.

I did a little victory dance on my way home and had a happy chat with a nice older guy on his walk too! It’s amazing how a good workout can set a positive tone to your day! I wish I could say the same for the not so happy ones. But the interesting thing is, when we don’t do as well as we would have liked, our bodies are still working incredibly hard! In fact, maybe even harder than the days that feel awesome! I think I need to give myself a little more credit on those rough days. Anyways, today was a good one and I’m soaking it in.

One other cool thing from this workout.. on my last lap where I finished strong at 3:55 again it occurred to me to try some visualizations. You guys they totally work. I wasn’t visualizing myself completing this workout fast, but finishing my marathon on my goal time and the determination honed me in on speed to finish this workout strong too! It felt like a form of meditation. I was completely in touch with what my body could do and set aside fears and discomfort and it turned out I had a little more juice left than I thought. Pretty cool.

Sometimes, all the extra little edge you need is in your mind. The things we focus on are inevitably what becomes our reality. When we focus over something we tack down all the little details necessary to achieve that thing. Visualizations can really help with that! I love it! So have a great day friends and envision yourselves doing the thing you think maybe you can’t.. you just might surprise yourself! Keep putting one foot in front of the other friends! 🙂

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