inspired//strength training

It’s all about the long run for me. I sometimes dread/have anxiety before speed work and hill work and other exercises even though I always feel great afterwards. But the long run.. woooh! Especially if it’s on a trail or beautiful back country road… that was this morning! 13 miles of gorgeous downhill mountainous scenery with meandering river the whole way! Monarch butterflies roadkilled me (old cross country verbiage for getting passed by a competitor) by the dozens. I was graced with shade and speckeled sunlight the whole time, temperatures barely rising over 60 up the canyon! Perfect running temps! I could barely run in a straight line with my head on a constant swivel.

Motivation has been tough this last week as I’ve been trying to get back in the swing of things after a vacation. This stellar run set me right! I tried to wear bright colors as this canyon road, especially on a Saturday morning, can be quite busy. Unfortunately, my neon green top and white shorts blended perfectly with the aspen groves πŸ™„ oh darn! πŸ˜‰ My support vehicle (hubs) who brought me to my starting point also went home and got me a bright blue shirt to change into. He’s the best!

The marathon I’m running is primarily a downhill one-very fast, but hard on the quads and joints. Aerobically I feel like I lose a little bit running these long downhill runs, but they are still my favorite! It renews my motivation for my other workouts that will improve my experience everywhere else. So it’s worth it!

Strength work took a hit this week too. I did none. Lol… core work is most of what I do. From various styles of push-ups to my midsection down to my glutes and legs. This last year I’ve been concerned with my healing diastasis recti (separation of my abdominals from pregnancy) leading to a weak pelvic floor and tummy pooch. I’ve done mostly wall push-ups, supported kneeling, standing and other revised exercises to lessen the amount of intra abdominal pressure that can widen the gap-quite literally. Lots of side planks have strengthened my transverse abdominals. I’ve worked my way up to less than a finger’s width distance between my abs and now I feel comfortable doing things like crunches, front planks, fire hydrants, etc.. and then, of course, squats, one-legged squats and lunges also help keep my joints properly aligned. Strengthening in this way keeps the body balanced because running can strengthen us in an unbalanced way, leading to overuse injury. I’ve found strength training is a huge contributor to injury prevention, so do your homework and don’t neglect it! I find tons of body-weight exercise online I can do simply at home!

And now, inspiration renewed, I am contentedly tired and psyched for a hard speed workout Monday and strength work this week too!


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