and some days we just jog to the llamas

I don’t know about you, but I’m the type of person that feels my day is incomplete without running. Keeps me sane, I know it! One day a week cycling and one day a week to rest is pushing it. That being said, not every day can be cahunaes out! A couple days a week will need to be slooow and easyyyy for me to avoid overtraining. These are usually the days I take E with me and we love joggin to the llamas! All loaded up in the jogger with snacks, water, blankie and quarters (they have a little machine with llama food) to feed the llamas and we’re good to go. It’s perfect because the llama farm is exactly one mile from my house. She points, “ooh’s”, “ahh’s” and “hi’s” them while I take 10 solid minutes to stretch. Win win!

She’s the best little cheerleader by the way. Saying “hi” to everyone we pass and they all respond so kindly. It sets my whole day off amazingly.

Anyways, these easy runs are done at around 70% max heart rate. I don’t wear a monitor, but I’m pretty good at staying on pace and checking my pulse at water breaks and at the end of my runs. I can also just sort of feel it. Can’t explain, but running for so long and constantly taking pulse makes you pretty familiar with your body.

These runs are usually short-ish too. Right now, my speed workouts are between 7-10 miles long, my hill days are around 7 and a long run up to 17 so far so these easies are between 3-5 miles. To balance out my day I really concentrate on quality stretching after my warm-up mile and especially after the run is complete. Strength training is also something I like to do on my easy days to feel like I’ve gotten the most out of the day.

I love these fun days. Running every day and with my girl completes me. I’m hoping to instill of love of running in her too! Hangin out with some furry friends is an added plus. They always come running (literally) when they see us. I’d like to think it’s because we’re friends and not because we always feed them.

So if you’re like me and don’t feel complete without getting a daily sweat on, make sure at least a few of those days are “easy”. Whatever that is for you. You could very quickly be faced with an overuse injury that will set you back! I know rest can be one of the hardest things for runners, but this is when our muscles grow back stronger, so give your body a chance for pete’s sake! 

Are you a daily runner? Or a few quality runs a week runner? However you do it, keep putting one foot in front of the other my friends.

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