a perfect morning

The stars aligned the other morning to grant me the most glorious run of this training cycle. Possibly of my life. 18 miles. I’ve said before the long run is my favorite and it really is! I have a couple road race goals, but an ultra itch is coming on!

Anywho, I planned to leave the house at 6 to get back before life began with the hubs and baby E, but ended up playing the waiting game on the pot because-well you know. Priorities. So 6:30 it was.

Weather was superb the whole time. Shaded by the mountain then sunny and clear for the first 2/3 while it was cool and by the time it started warming up a gracious cloud cover blessed me. Gettin’ really excited for autumn running temps.

Starting out listening to my book I stopped it 2 minutes in. Too much perfection all around made me want to soak it all in and I’m glad I did. Mile 4-5 was my highest high. The realization that this is my bliss hit me. This is it. My passion! A momentary surge of watery emotion filled me and fueled me on.

Nearly bursting with joy I “morning”-ed every passerby. Most smiled and inclined back. Some didn’t. That’s ok. I hope I brightened a few days. They say contagious smiles can do that. Anyways, I wanted to preserve my delicate little bubble of light. A long way to go still I hoped to remember those feelings at the end when I knew the aches would be setting in.

Around mile 8 I met some new friends! Very cool. More positive energy filled my balloon. Things were looking good. I’ve mostly always been a solitary runner, but my goals of creating a running group aren’t going to go anywhere if I don’t start making some local connections!

Oh! And by the way, I made my very own electrolyte drink and it was a godsend. Delicious and supportive, I actually felt like I was doing my body good instead of just replacing depleted minerals with the sugary lower quality products on the market. I’m not anti sugar and mine had it too, but the ingredients were everything I wanted and nothing I didn’t. And pennies compared to it’s ready-made counterparts. Perfect. Here’s the recipe from wellnessmama.com if you’re interested:

Carrying on-at the start, I began with hopes of a progression run. By half way I wanted to increase my pace by 10sec/mile until the end. I wasn’t very careful though and sped up a little too much, but it ended up being fine and I had a satisfying negative split instead. Happy! I think I may save my next progression run for my next long run on a mileage dip week.

Life has been kind of hard lately and this run reminded me that we all go through ups and downs and how glorious the ups feel when we recognize them in contrast with our downs. Opposition is necessary to appreciate joy and an overwhelming peace came over me that it’ll all be alright. I was so grateful for that thought. Grateful for me sweet husband and daughter. Grateful that I have a strong, healthy body that can carry me through the demands I place on it. I want to make a difference in others’ lives and hopefully share this love of the sport I hold dear.

Lastly a quick review. FlipBelt. I thought it appropriate here because I used it to carry my homemade electrolyte drink and it did so nobly. I wear an XS with a 26″ hip width so I’m a little bigger than the size describes, but I’m happy with it. I feel the tightness helps keep the liquid bottles from bouncing around so much, which drives me bananas. Although more precise sizing might keep slippage at bay. Mine will do that occasionally, depending on what I’m wearing. A minor annoyance. I still think I will prefer it to a hydration pack, but that remains to be seen. Comparison to come later. It has 4 pockets. One that zips I keep my iPhone 7 in. The larger, 6+/7+ varieties have no problem either. With all the pockets I have plenty of space to carry my phone, gu’s, 2-8oz bottles and room to spare for keys, ID, cards or cash. The high quality fabric and design keeps your stuff secure. Though only 1 slot zips, the other pockets are secured by flipping the belt around so the slots are tight against the body. I wear it at work too, which is an added plus cuz girl clothes don’t always have pockets. Love it!

QOTD-why do you run? A simple, but potentially profound question. 😉

Keep putting one foot in front of the next friends 🙂

8 thoughts on “a perfect morning

  1. “how glorious the ups feel when we recognize them in contrast with our downs.” I just wrote something similar this weekend. So true–cannot feel that gloriousness without knowing the pain as well. Really great post lady! x

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    1. Ooh I would love to read it! I’m fairly new to this, but I had someone include a link to a relevant post of theirs and I loved it since I’m not super smooth at navigating this thing yet! Ha! Are you able to do that with yours/would you be willing to explain how you did it?? 😁


      1. No you know what, it’s a post I was working on this weekend but won’t be actually putting up for a few weeks. I’m sort of always working on stuff over here :). But the concept you talked about in your post was so fresh on my mind so I thought that was cool. Btw–I’m def not the smoothest wordpress operator either :).

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  2. Nice blog Ash. I will have to try the drink recipe sometime. I ran/walked 20 today. It wasn’t pretty. I haven’t run all week because of work. The good news I hope is that I don’t think I injured myself, and I wore my new shoes (Hoka’s), so it looks like I should be able to wear them during the race. Getting close to St. G day! Howard

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    1. Thanks! I am planning to do 20 today and have that be my longest. It’s been rough for me too, I only ran once in NY and only a few times this week.. I’m a little worried because it’s the last 2 weeks before the taper 😔 but in the end I’m still sure I can finish and know you will be able to too! We got this 💪❤️


  3. Ran walked 11 yesterday at Lief in Forest Park. Let the taper begin. Only 2 weeks to go! Average pace for me 11:15/mi. Pretty good for me. I’m guessing you are more down around 8/mi.

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