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Happy Saturday friends!! Got your long run in for the week yet?? My long run was only 8 miles this week because of the marathon in 1 week!!! I may have run a little faster than I should have because I was testing out my pacing tunes I plan to use to keep me going when I hit the wall. The music was SO good I couldn’t help myself from quickening my pace. I’m not normally a music listener so it was absolutely thrilling! I got a lot of the music suggestions from friends of a running group I’m apart of on Facebook. Love having a group of similarly like-minded, inspiring individuals to draw positive energy from. If any of you are reading, what’s up!? 😁

I also asked them about pacing suggestions and learned about this site that provides pacing for you, calculated from your goal time and elevation variation compared to a flat course. SERIOUSLY if you have a race coming up, check out this site to help you strategize your race! You can print race bands to keep with you for race day. Here’s an example from and where you can go to make your own!


This running group also reminded me of a couple up-hills in my race that everyone calls a “downhill” race. Most people end up achieving a nice negative split, but there are some hills I straight up can’t remember from the first two times. The hardest one, I hear, starts at mile 18. All I remember was hitting the wall hard and early, probably right around that hill. Not sure though because it’s all a haze now. I loved how fellow group members called it.. a hill that “let’s you know you’re alive” and a hill once hit, “looks like the march of the walking dead” hahahah I about died with race aniexty AND excitement simultaneously. I was litterally shaking happily and giggling while reading the commenters contributions. My husband watching me told me one of the only reasons he wants to pick up running is because of how gleeful I look when I’m reading posts from the running group I’m a part of. He says he can see the smiles even in my ears when all he can see is the top of my head, face absorbed in the depths of my phone. Horrible posture I’m sure… But runner’s truly are the world’s best breed of human. There’s so much positivity going around, it’s amazing!

So I plan to have 3 race goals. One I would be ecstatic to achieve (3:45:00). One that I would be very happy about achieving (3:50:00). And one I can live with (3:59:59 or in other words-sub 4 😜).

Being real though, since that last one would still be a PR I would be quite satisfied with the result. I just feel with how much I’ve trained in comparison to previous races a PR is going to happen no matter what and I’m so happy about that. In fact a PR would be 4:09, which I feel will be easily attainable, but I really really want that sub 4.

However it plays out, I’m so proud of my commitment and great strides I’ve made in improvement. I’m so excited to run a marathon I’m confident I will finish strongly.

I will keep y’all updated on prepping for race day and can’t wait to write about the big day itself! Just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other for a bit longer! ❤️

QOTD-How do you guys strategize for race pacing? Any particular tools you use and love??

7 thoughts on “marathon race pacing

  1. You sound so bubbly today! Excited about the upcoming race I can tell. Ran about 6 today. The taper continues. You asked me my goal, and I said about 5:30, but really my main goal is to finish under my own power this time. I hope to lose 10 pounds and be in better shape before next time – hah! Listen to me. Next time… I guess your enthusiasm is wearing off in me! I was just saying the other day this will probably be my last…

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    1. I am so psyched! And that is what I like to hear! St G should really be a tradition! It’s kind of become my thing lately… I plan to have off-season time, but not like I have in the past where I just don’t run all winter. I’m actually excited for winter running now and not having a “schedule”! Lots of winter trail runs! You’ll had to come out and do some with me! They are the best!


  2. I’m beyond excited for you to reap the reward for all your hard work preparing for this race. Like your husband, you make me want to be a runner and join in on all this positivity. I can’t wait to hear all about your experience this weekend. I’ll be cheering you on! You got this!

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