I meant to post this yesterday.. dang it… but I’m feeling all the feels of a race well finished and these things really got me through. So I just gotta! There were tears, there was laughter, there was lots of heart. Thats my kinda race! More details to follow soon..

As the race approaches, (tomorrow!) I’ve been trying to focus on purpose. Filled with nervouse enery and excitement, I feel centering my mind on why I’m doing this will help keep me calm and help me power through. These are my reasons, three.

My husband. Damn if he hasn’t had to wade through some hard waters in his life. And he keeps on.

My mom. She passed around this time of year 12 years ago. Fall and holiday treats, snuggles and back scratches, silliness, birkenstocks, homemade Halloween costumes. She was a runner too. She unendingly devoted her life to bringing happiness to others. A steady smile always set upon her face. She kept on.

My baby girl. She is a pure light. Glowing with happiness. Making me want to be a better person every day. Giving me strength to be what I want to be. Imperfect, accepted and becoming. She keeps going. Literally. On my toes, always!

I hope that in the trying moments of this race, and life for that matter, I will remember their persistence, strength and happiness. They give me determination and in their debt I hope to be able to honor them by running my guts out!

QOTD~what keeps you going? 

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