you’re not too cool to be kind

Not referring to anyone in particular here, just a phrase I repeat to myself often. Usually this thought is prompted on my runs so I’ve wanted to write about it for weeks. 

Oh and the necklace was a gift from my extremely thoughtful sister-in-law after completing my last marathon. The girl radiates kindness so I figured it was appropriate to highlight my thoughts here.

When I’m running I like to try to smile and interact with others as I pass. Either saying “good morning” or “hello” or something. Most of the time I receive a positive response. Sometimes it seems like the individual is sure to ignore me, but then startled, respond positively anyways. I like to feel like I’m breaking through the social norms here haha! On very rare occasions, I’ll have someone not respond, not look up, or even make what I interpret to be a slight grimace.. my insecurity bristles for a moment and I think ‘what is wrong with me that they would respond in such a way?’ But then I just have to remind myself I may be infringing on their comfort zone and can’t expect everyone to feel the same way I do. And that’s ok-that we feel differently. Usually at this point in the “interaction” I come back around to myself. I am trying to be kind, I feel filled with positive energy and am trying to share what I’m feeling with others. A sad or negative thought passing through my mind will only hurt me. I am doing a good thing. I can feel good about that. 

And then I’m “all good” again. Is the cycle clear there? I hope so..

Sometimes I think about this phrase and people of elite status in this sport. Or anything for that matter. People who have worked really hard and become exceptional at something. They deserve respect for their hard work. Renowned athletes like Dennis Kimetto and Paula Radcliffe. They may have genetics playing in their favor, but they’ve also busted their butts to achieve greatness. That deserves respect. And I’m sure they’re good people too, though I know nothing of their character. 

This brings me around to us mere mortals. We are all going through something hard. All working through life and these challenges sharpen us in some way. We are all becoming exceptional in our own ways. We may not wear this greatness on our sleeves, but it is there. And that deserve respect equally. 

I want to be the kind of person who brightens others’ days. To be a source of inspiration as well. I think we all have something to give, to contribute to making this world a little better place. I like to smile at others. Maybe lift their spirits a bit. It’s just a tiny thing, but maybe it’s making a difference. Who knows.

Even though it may not only relate to running, I am reminded again and again of this idea. Maybe it’s just a reminder for me, and if so, great. I accept with open arms. If it’s a small step, at least it’s a step in a good direction.. one foot in front of the other ☺️

6 thoughts on “you’re not too cool to be kind

  1. What a thoughtful post. I too have to remind myself often that the world we live is not kind by habit. We have become a selfish, suspicious, and cynical society. I hate it but it’s just the way it is now. I have been criticized for being so kind to people – even been told “you’re just too nice to people. No matter – I choose to be kind. That’s how I want people to remember me. Thanks for sharing your story – glad someone else out there enjoys kindness as much as me.

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  2. Nice necklace! I usually run the same route at about the same time every day so it is easy to greet people, because they are often the same people every time. There is this one guy that doesn’t respond, and I have struggled with it somewhat. The first few times it happened, I would say out loud, “good morning… Or not!” And proceed to tongue lash him to myself as I am running on – what a downer. Other mornings I would see him coming and ignore him – Ha! – I’ll show him! And I always have somewhat of a personal debate with myself, as to whether I did the right thing. Maybe you can relate. I guess maybe such are the musings, and perhaps psychoses, of the runner. And thanks for the reminder that nobody, no matter how cool, is too cool to be kind.

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    1. Yeah that’s kinda a strange situation. There are a few regulars on my routes, but they are some of the friendliest! It would be weird/awkward to have someone you see often ignore you repeatedly. But I’d say it’s his loss and not to let it take away from your positivity 🙂 love you! And thanks!

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  3. I live in the south where most people are pretty friendly and say hi. If someone doesn’t smile or say anything in return to me, I try to just think maybe they’re having a bad day or shy. In other words, it’s them, not me.

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