back from the dead

You guys.. it’s been over 4 months since I have written. I am truly saddened by this, but life has been in-sane. And in truth, I’ve had a hard time committing back to it. Worried that if I start, I have to commit to a weekly thing again. Not that I don’t love it, but afraid of committing to something that will add stress, instead of what it should be as a hobby to relieve stress. A lack of inspiration has plagued me as well though. These last few months have been fraught with self-doubt, stress, discouragement and craziness. Up until about a month and a half ago, the days I spent running became few and far between. Sometimes only getting out 1 to 2 days per week. However, this last month, I have buckled down and it’s put a little spring in my writing step too.

Excitement revived I have designed a solid training schedule for myself with no race deadline looming over. Aside from my annual marathon tradition. Running for my own personal joy- incorporating, strength (in particular core work-“CW”), mobility, Heart Rate Zone Training, proper warm-up (“WU”) found here and my body’s natural cycles (for interested female readers or coaches of female runners, specifics outlined in an upcoming post). The only piece I feel like I’m really missing is a control for nutrition. I try to eat mindfully; more protein after hard workouts, proper carb intake for stamina, but it is hard to mold what I want to eat to my husband’s preferences. I have a very food is fuel mindset. Don’t get me wrong; I still binge from time to time (for probably emotional reasons). For example, I just ate 6 cookies worth of Papa Murphy’s cookie dough just cuz it’s Sunday and tomorrow’s Monday! HA! But on the whole food is a tool and I love that.

So I wanna spell it out for y’all in case you’re interested.. What a typical week looks like for me these days:

Monday—CW, WU and 30-40 minutes easy (Zone 2)

Tuesday—CW and switching off every other week for the next 4 weeks—WU and speed work or rest—speed work either on the track (4×400’s) at 80-90% Max HR (Zone 5+) or 3×1 mile repeats with 3 minutes rest at about 80% Max HR (Zone 4-5). These are somewhat arbitrary, just trying to mix some speed back into my routine.

Wednesday—CW, WU and 30-40 minutes easy (Zone 2)

Thursday—CW and for the last 6 weeks, mostly rest. This week I will begin mixing in some cycling. (Super excited about that, especially as warmer weather is upon us.. some days…)

Friday—CW, WU and 30-40 minutes easy (Zone 2)

Saturday—LONG RUN! I live for this day. Comfy-fun Zone 3!


The core work I have been doing is strictly an abs vid I bought. It is not specific to running, which I don’t love, but that will be changing. In the meantime, I am really liking the results of my waist-line tightening up. I am also currently working on getting to know a strength program by the Conscious Runner, Lisa Hamilton: 45 Days to Building Your Strong Running Body – No Gym Required. I am super impressed by how thorough her program is and I am extremely excited to commit to it and see some huge gains in strength and speed. In her program, she encourages the utilization of an “accountability buddy” if anybody would be interested in doing the program with me, let me know! It’s free and upon inspection seems super thorough, safe and beneficial for runners. I have spent the last week watching her videos of how to get started and identifying what my current strength level is and where I’m at with my mobility and stability. Once I actually get rolling with the workouts, I will drop my other core work because I am confident the core work included in this new program will be much more efficient and effective, specifically for running. I will keep y’all posted on how it’s going week by week. I am super excited!

In the coming weeks I plan to outline some other super exciting topics, I just don’t want this post to drag on too long, but they are super exciting, (like I said)! Tune in here for more on heart rate training, running in tune with women’s menstrual cycles for injury prevention and to take advantage of hormonal highs and lows (it impacts performance!), more on my strength work as I get to know the course 45 Days to Building Your Strong Running Body – No Gym Required, and maybe even nutrition, if I can drum up the dedication. We shall see!

I am so happy to be back with y’all and have missed your posts, presence and input. Hope you can forgive my absence. Have any of you ever struggled with long lapses in motivation (with anything from writing to running, etc)? I’d love to hear how you overcame!

Photo Cred: Red Rock Sunrise Image: Red Rock Sunrise Location: Red Rock Canyon BLM District: Southern Nevada Photographer: Kent LeFevre PIC: 2 MB 2014 By BLM Nevada Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license

2 thoughts on “back from the dead

  1. Welcome back! I can empathize with your conflicting diet with your husband’s preferences. My husband and I also have different ideas on diets (he’s paleo, I’m not). I used to try to make dinners based on his preferences but it became too complicated and I finally started to make what I wanted to make knowing that he’s a grown adult and if he’s not happy with the dinner choices, he can make his own. He’s been fine with that, too. Good luck with the 45 Days Program!

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    1. Thanks! Hahahah that’s awesome! I have attempted something like that, but I also struggle if his food looks better than mine! I said I view food as fuel and I do, but it’s hard when you’re hungry/hangry. I typically eat that way because I don’t buy the yummier options so they’re not in front of me when I’m weak. Then I don’t even think about it, but if it’s right in front of me it’s hard for me to say no. Lol

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