she’s done it again


Just registered for my 6th marathon this October! 6 months, 3 days, 7 hours, 1 min, 31 sec… this screenshot was from last night when I registered on the St. George Marathon’s homepage! Haha! If you want a great, downhill-speedy, scenic race with exceptional support and fanfare, check out this Race. Got that nervous excitement and re-energized boost that feels a little like butterflies in my stomach! It motivates me in so many ways! I remember clearly last year that feeling that I can do anything I set my mind to. And I feel even that much more confinement going into it this year. I have a much more solid foundation this year to begin with, for starters! I am still going for a boston qualifier, but my realistic goal is shaving another 10 minutes off my time form last year! 3:50:00. I know I can do this! And I know all of you can do whatever you set your minds to too! I am so excited!

I have had another solid foundational week of building milage volume slowly and working on my form and strength training. It is going well. I think one change I am going to make this training cycle will be to include a weekly milage/training recap for y’all if you care to see! I think it could help keep me even more accountable to getting those hard runs in because I know I missed at least a couple last year. Not again!

As for my 45 Days to Building Your Strong Running Body – No Gym Required I have not done so well this week. I have done the assessment tests and those are pretty good. Mobility-pretty much passed all. Stability-I did ok too. Feel free to check out the program through the link. It’s free for bloggers who login. (I don’t know if others can use it since I just logged in) Anyways, not bad enough to stop me from strengthening, which was actually kind of comforting. I will still do the corrective strategies to get better, but to discover I’m not as far off with my mobility and stability as I thought is good to know. I will include that later on as well to show my progress! So this week I will be beginning my strength routines on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (The course tells you to do them on the same days you do your hard running workouts. For now I am only doing 1 day/week at hard running effort, Thursday, but eventually it will be both Tues and Thurs). The purpose of doing your strength routine on your hard days is to be able to really capitalize on your rest days, which makes sense to me. So there’s that.

And here’s a recap of the last week!

Core work every day, Mon-Fri. Dynamic Warm-Up before every run.

Monday 3-26 // 2.54 mi easy // recovery run // Zone 2 // 30:03 (11:49 min/mi)

Tuesday 3-27 //  Rest this week (had 2 hard speed workouts last week)

Wednesday 3-28 // 2.83 mi easy // recovery run // Zone 2 // 43:02 (15:12min/mi)

Thursday 3-29 // Rest again // Next week I will begin 1/weekly speed work for now.

Friday 3-30 // 3.5 mi easy // recovery run // Zone 2 // 57:03 (16:17 min/mi don’t ask lol running this slow kills me, but I am giving this HR training a chance.

Saturday 3-31 // 6.57 mi moderate // long run // Zone 3 // 1:15:10 (11:27 min/mi) // still slow, but am confident I will see significant speed gains in future.

Sunday 4-1 // ~1 mi active rest hike //

Monday 4-2 // 4.55 mi easy // recovery run // Zone 2 // 59:05 (12:59min/mi) //

7 day weekly total: 16.44 mi

I’m excited to get into the 20 mi/week range. It’s humbling to be back down to these lower milage weeks and remember the hard work I had to put in to get into those steeper weeks, but I am so excited to get back at it!

What are your goals this year? Any races you’re excited about on the horizon??

8 thoughts on “she’s done it again

  1. Looking forward to this marathon! My goal is to shave just 2 mins. off last year. I’ve been run/walking all winter, and I still have a lot of work to do as well. Guess I better get out there!

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    1. It is so hard! I find myself creeping into Zone 3 all the time and haf to slow down! Have you calculated heart rate reserve by chance? I read in one place that it can raise your Zones a little hahaha but I always forget to take my resting heart rate first thing in the morning. So sometimes I think I’m just following these arbitrary rules and numbers that aren’t specific to where I’m actually at. The talk test is a good rules of thumb I think, but I always run alone so it’s hard to tell that too hahaha oh well.. I still intend to try it. St. George is great! The red rock is iconic and it’s very well organized with awesome volunteers and fabulous aid stations. It’s also a fast downhill marathon so that’s pretty cool too! And thanks and good luck with your goals too!

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      1. I also forget to take my resting heart rate every morning. I feel like my numbers are “best guess” so not sure how accurate they really are. I think the only way to get true measurements are with a stress test, which I haven’t had done. The problem is there are multiple ways of calculating maximum heart rate (one way is heart rate reserve) and they all give slightly different numbers. I just averaged the calculations to try to come up with my max. heart rate. It’s all very complicated, though!

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      2. That’s a good idea to do it several different ways then average it. Maybe taking into consideration how it’s feeling at the different adjustments. I may look into the local university and see if I can get a stress test done. I just barely graduated last year and remember hearing you can do things like that sometimes. In studies and whatnot.

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