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Lately I have been hearing about all too frequent attacks in my local running area. Even in high traffic areas and in the middle of the day! For a long time now, I’ve considered looking into taking a self defense class somewhere. Along with that, arming myself with some sort of weapon. These are a few I’m looking into. Do you carry any of these? How do you feel about them? Or something else??

Go Guarded Ring

I like this little device because it can’t be taken from me very easily, but I’m a little confused on how it works.. it would seem it delivers a scratching type attack? Lame? I don’t know, thoughts?


I like this devise because it can collect DNA from your attacker. With retractable claws, you hold it in your palm and if you squeeze, the claws come out! I don’t really like the idea of actually having to hold something. (Why I like the ring, above). Pretty cool though to think if something happened you could potentially help get them off the streets with DNA identification.

Monster Stun Gun

There are so many tasers out there I’m a little overwhelmed comparing the different products and specs. I’ve heard good things about this one, but anybody have any they have actually used or done their homework on?

I would prefer to get a big, mean looking dog, but my current living situation does not allow. Wahh..

The other, most reliable solution in my opinion, is just not running alone. I have reached out to my running community to coordinate, but I doubt I’d be able to 100% of the time so something like this is a must. The Go Guarded Ring seems like a good starting place. I can actually see myself using it, where the other devices you hold seem a bit more technical. Under stress? I don’t know how well I’d be able to maneuver anything. I also like it because it can’t be taken from you easily and seems it could do some decent damage. May have to start there. Along with the self defense classes I’m thinking. And making new friends!

Any other ideas??

6 thoughts on “self defense

  1. I’m sorry to hear you even have to consider these things. In college I had friends that would carry their keys in a way that they could stab an attacker with them. I assume that’s how the ring works. I think it’s a good idea for every female to take self defense classes. I used to carry mace with me when I ran but haven’t lately. That’s always an option though and is good for attacking dogs too. Good luck!

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    1. It makes me so angry that I have to worry about these things! Maybe I’m only thinking about it more because I’m looking out for it more, but either way, I’d like to be prepared. And yeah I’ve heard of the key thing, I will definitely do that in the meantime til I get something, just worried I would drop them! Lol I had mace a few years ago, but got spooked when I tested it cuz it just pittled out. I’m sure it was expired or something, but it made me nervous about them. Thanks for the input and reading my stuff!

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  2. I’ve always wished I had a little derringer, a little mini 22 pistol. My neighbor had one – remember Peter across the street in Highland? He carried it for deter a dog attack. Not very practical perhaps. Sometimes I run with my pocket knife, mainly to ward off fear of a major dog attack, kinda silly I know, but I just imagine a pit bull latched onto my arm and I can’t get him off any other way – ha, ha. Taser is probably a pretty good equalizer. I’ve also run with mace before – I wonder if it would just piss off an attacker. Bottom line, I’ve never had any problems; but I’m a pretty big guy. Different for a woman and a smaller person I guess. I’m glad you think about it. I obviously do. Good to be prepared. Stay safe. I actually tend to feel a little less safe running in the country or trails where I might encounter a wild animal. I also run early in the morning, and I tell myself no self-respecting criminal gets up that early. Ha, ha. Maybe I’m fooling myself – the thoughts of a somewhat deranged mind I admit!😀

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    1. No I’ve actually thought of a gun too! I told myself I was crazy for thinking that, but maybe not! I have seen these tight holsters you can put around your waist, but I dunno it just seems really intense. But I’ve thought about it too! Yeah I remember Peter and Laura! They were awesome. A knife would be smart, I just worry about dropping it or having it taken and used against me 😬 but i guess that’s true with almost anything. I think with any weapon it would be good to take a class to know how to use it best! I’ve run on trails where I didn’t have anything and I got way deep in and thought oh crap what if I ran into a mountain lion and pups! I’d be screwed! I turned the music up loud on my phone out loud and sang loud along with it 😂 I just need a big ol dog like baby! I miss her!


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