I proclaim with heavy heart, I have finally experienced it. I thought I was immune, but alas, no such luck. ITBS!

Back track. 2 Saturdays ago I went on a long, downhill run with a group of girls from a running group I recently became a member of. Stellar woman who are an awesome example to me in so many ways. However, my lack of hip strength and mobility was my downfall on this particular grueling, 8% grade, downhill blast. The pain started about 3 miles in and I was pretty sure I knew exactly what it was. Pinpointed to the lateral side of my right knee, sharp immediate onset, initiated by intense downhill running and with weak hips to boot. I was a goner. Not to mention we had zero warm up, which I was leery of.. I just had this bad feeling because I have been non-negotiable with my warmups for I-don’t-know-how-long. One downside of running in a group, I suppose. But so many other clear benefits! Just have to get them to warmup with me or something. Or show up earlier and do it myself, but that mitigates my benefits of running in a group (not being alone).

So I’m extremely discouraged. Things in my life are hard right now and running is my life raft sometimes. It’s one thing I feel I can somewhat control, even though I am also aware that is an illusion too. Case in point: this post! However, I thought I was being so careful and one reckless workout has derailed me for maybe a week or two. A week is not forever, I know. It’s hardly any time at all in the grand scheme of things, but remember the above life raft statement…? it’s just discouraging. I love running. I go almost every day and I hate rest days because I love running so much, but I know they’re for the best so I grudgingly tolerate them. I even choose to run extremely easy and short distances sometimes when I should be resting because I just can’t bare it. I’m addicted. Ha!

And it’s so frustrating because I feel like I’ve been spending SO MUCH TIME strengthening those hip, glute and core muscles necessary to avoid these kinds of injuries.

So I’m going through an ITB rehab program provided by a physician/runner in this running group I’m in and I’m going through these exercises, right? Well, for a couple of them I don’t even have the freaking range of motion to complete so I’m like “do I even have any business trying to do these exercises!? Is it just making things worse if I have improper form!?” And I’m mad. So upset that I have to vent to my hubs with a preface of “I just need to talk to you about something, and I need you to commiserate with me and not try and say you’ve felt it too, or felt it worse, or give me suggestions on how to fix it” 😉 haha he was very sweet and supportive.

The particular exercises that are really bothering me because of my immobility are the clamshell (on my left side-can barely raise my top-leftj leg a couple inches without impingement), single leg bridges, (probably because I’m tired from my run, but I was majorly feeling it in my lower back (bad-like don’t do the exercise bad), these crazy hip lifts where you lay on your side, put your feet up 1-2 ft and lift. (I so suck. Such weak.)

The prescription for this injury (from this particular doc) is to rest 7-14 days, foam roll, do these provided exercises and come back slow. So I’m trying, but the inability in the exercises is making me so mad at myself because if I can’t even do them, how am I supposed to get stronger and avoid this injury again!? I took the 7 days off completely (actually it was 9) and started again this week. I would warm up and start out very slow and easy and for 3 runs now this week it begins hurting again around the 1 mile mark. Then I walk home. It doesn’t really hurt while I’m walking home, but will flare up if I run again. Will I ever be able to run longer than a mile again!? Should I just run through it?

I knew I was a ticking time bomb. I don’t sit and dwell over my injuries by the way. The slight twinge I had in my achilles for the last several months is gone! I strengthened up and fixed that and I’m so proud! But my PF was still a problem in my right foot and I always sorta knew if one thing was outta balance it could lead to more. I felt like I was adequately strengthening. Partly because the achilles tendinitis went away and the PF was dwindling too! Well apparently I was kidding myself to think I could handle a descent as strenuous as I did yesterday.

Grrrr. Sorry. End of rant. You are welcome to commiserate, but that’s it. I kid! It’s all good, I can take it. If you have any suggestions for more beginner glute medius exercises that’d be appreciated-to replace clamshells I’m thinking. Thanks for reading.

6 thoughts on “itbs

  1. I had ITBS several years ago. For me at least, there was no way I could run through the pain. What worked best for me was to get a deep tissue massage to loosen up the fascia. I was literally in tears on the massage table, but the results were miraculous.

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    1. What areas did they focus on? I just may need to incorporate more foam rolling. I have the stick I use too, but usually just on the lower leg.. maybe even a lacrosse ball to pinpoint those trigger points 🤔😵

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      1. I also have a foam roller, which supposedly is “like getting a massage” but it’s nowhere near as good, IMO. I also have the stick and a lacrosse ball, but nothing is as good as a deep tissue massage really. If you tell the therapist you have ITBS, they should know exactly where to focus. They’ll work on the entire area from your hip down to your knee, where the IT band runs. Most likely you’ll have some knots along the way and they can find those and work them out, along with the tightness.

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