pace + distance // effort + time

Heading into the eye of the storm itself for my mile splits and a little scerd... This elusive idea of pace and distance/effort and time has sparked interest into further exploration for me. I, like many others, am near obsessed with my pace and hitting a whole round number mile. 4.99 is not 5 ha! … Continue reading pace + distance // effort + time

speed work//visualizations

Woooh! K If y’all remember, back on my first post, I wrote about a speed workout I totally bonked. The “woofer”. Yasso 800’s. Not only that, but I had had a post pregnancy crisis that seems to be a non-issue now, so that is totally bomb too! Boom for strong pelvic floor muscles! I have … Continue reading speed work//visualizations

minnow amongst the Sharks

Bike day! Awoken early, my inner insomniac rears it’s ugly head. Unable to fall back asleep, I head out for my ride at 6am when to my surprise, I’m going out the door just as a neighbor “team” of cyclists is passing by. They were still meeting up.. circling slowly. I was an instantly intimidated minnow. … Continue reading minnow amongst the Sharks